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Lifting systems? A question of security.

Manual or electrical anchoring and lifting components and systems must be chosen with care. Safety is more important than savings.

Lifting and moving loads involves risks. This is the reason why the personnel in charge must be aware of the risks and properly trained. No carelessness, maximum protection and careful choice of accessories, ropes, chains, anchoring systems, winches, and hoists, which must be periodically and scrupulously checked and must always be in perfect condition and working order.

Proper load slinging cannot be improvised and safety depends on frequent inspections and regular maintenance. Keeping all lifting systems in perfect condition and a properly trained personnel is the only guarantee for safety.

Are your harness accessories in good condition?

Are lifting straps, tie-downs, hooks, and eyebolts intact?

Are manual or electric hoists correctly dimensioned for the loads to be lifted?

If some of these answers are not positive, then we invite you to visit our LIFTING and TRANSPORT section (enter ››), where you will find top-quality products from leading companies in the sector that FRANCIA Catene has selected for their excellent quality/safety/price ratio.

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