FRANCIA CATENE: custom-designed chains.

We specialise in supplying transmission chains tailored to the customer specifications. 

The choice of the type of chain, its sizing, material and other technical parameters are not criteria to be underestimated in an industrial plant. They involve a number of fundamental considerations in order to achieve an appropriate sizing for the usage.

The supplied chain, as a mechanical organ, must guarantee: perfect functionality, long service life, resistance to fatigue and perfect load distribution, also depending on the working environment in which it has to work.

Our technical expertise, coupled with a special in-house organisation, purpose-built machines, and equipment, enables us to meet any request for the manufacture of CUSTOM-MADE and ACCORDING TO DRAWING chains.

We machine, process and assemble chains for all kinds of industrial applications:
- cutting to size
- mounting of standard, special or customised laser-cut couplings
- parallel coupling of pieces of any length in pairs, triplets, quaterns, etc.
- special lubrication for any type of use (high or low temperatures, corrosive/humid/dry environments, for the food industry, etc.), or degreasing
- special treatments (galvanic or chemical nickel plating, zinc plating, chrome plating, etc.).
- painting

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