Motion transmission and its applications

In mechanics, the transmission of motion and power is key. It is therefore important to have reliable components and accessories.

Components, organs and accessories for the transmission and transformation of rotary or translatory motion. Probably, all industrial applications have one. An automatic machine, a conveyor belt, an escalator, a moped, a machine tool, an industrial plant, a lifting system, all need motion transmission systems: either by direct contact, as in the case of toothed or friction wheels, or by connection through flexible or rigid parts.

FRANCIA CATENE focused its activity mainly on components such as:
- transmission and transport chains and accessories
- slat conveyor chains, modular belts and accessories
- mesh belts and accessories
- gears and racks
- belts and pulleys
- conveyors and components
- plastic guides and profiles
- speed reducers and electric motors
- linear motion systems
- transmission joints
- complementary products

All essential elements for every type of construction to be used in every field of application.  

The products in the catalogue - made from the best materials suitable for the type of application and working environment - are purchased by manufacturers in strategic sectors such as:
- automatic machines in general
- packaging lines/machines
- food industry/bottling
- pharmaceutical industry
- textile industry
- paper industry
- electronics industry
- marine/water vapour sector
- agricultural machinery
- transport of inert materials
- etc.

Why choose FRANCIA S.r.l.?
Each article, component, accessory is the result of a careful selection of the most qualified manufacturer. Not only for construction quality, but also for durability, business ethics, safety, and availability. This allows us to ensure short delivery times, suitable solutions for every type of design and application.